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Group Income Insurance

Group Income Insurance

Group Income Insurance is designed to help employers manage long term sickness absence more effectively. Employees value this benefit as nobody likes to think about getting ill, but mortgages, bills and general living expenses do not stop, even when you are unable to work.

Group Income Insurance provides a continued income and rehabilitation support if an
employee is unable to work because of illness or injury. The benefit is paid to you as the
employer, which you pass on to your employee through your normal payroll.

When employees are unable to work as a result of illness or injury, Group Income
Insurance helps you to support them financially through what can be an emotionally
and financially stressful time. It also allows you to keep their position open for them.


  • Typically, up to 75% of salary can be covered
  • Benefits paid on a limited basis e.g. 2 years or through to pension age
  • Employer liability to National Insurance can also be covered, as can pension contributions
  • Optional final lump sum payment
  • Initial lump sum on cancer diagnosis*
  • Sick pay insurance for short term absence starting from week 1
* terms and conditions apply

Added Value Services

Added value services can include:
  • Scheme brokerage by Jay Financial to ensure you are still on competitive termsfor your required benefits
  • For schemes with 3 members or more, generous cover limits are availablewithout underwriting
  • Absence management services
  • Vocational rehabilitation services

For more details please Email jackie@jayfinancial.com or call 01283 761866. 

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