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Tax Efficient Commercial Property Purchase

Purchase a commercial property tax efficiently

Jay Financial have various options to make the purchase of a property more tax efficient.   Call us to discuss your project in more detail.

One example is pensions, which is one of the most tax efficient ways for some businesses or individuals to purchase a commercial property.

How does it work?

✔  The pension scheme receives existing pension funds or contributions and deposits in the
       pension scheme bank account.
✔  The pension scheme uses the cash to purchase the building with a mortgage if required.
✔  Your company or alternative tenant pays rent to the scheme bank account, which in turn
       funds the mortgage repayments.
✔  You or your company can pay additional contributions.
✔  Surplus cash can be re-invested.

What tax savings are there?

✔  If your company is the tenant of the property tax relief on the rental payments.
✔  Tax relief on additional contributions made to the scheme.
✔  No income tax on the investment returns of the assets in the pension scheme.
✔  No capital gains tax on sale of assets within the pension scheme
✔  At retirement 25% of your pension can be paid tax free with the balance taxed at your
       personal income tax rate.

For this and our other methods give us a call.

Jay Financial can take you through all the options available to you, to ensure you tailor your pension to suit your needs.
Email jackie@jayfinancial.com or call 01283 761866 to arrange for a no-commitment initial discussion.

You may also want to read about pensions in the workplace in the Employee Benefit Schemes   section of the web site. 

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